What's The Cleaning Value Of The Floor Scrubber Cleaning Machine?

- Apr 08, 2021-

We all know that manual cleaning is not only very hard, but also the cleaning effect is not very good. The use of the floor scrubber cleaning machine leads the cleaning industry to the intelligent, fast and labor-saving development.

In addition, the cleaning value of the floor scrubber-dryer is also reflected in its cleaning method and cleaning efficiency. The floor washing machine is a kind of special equipment specially designed for hard smooth floor cleaning. They have many specifications and models, and are especially suitable for cleaning operations in large areas.

The floor cleaning machine is generally composed of a clean water tank, a sewage tank, floor washing brush, a suction motor and a suction scraper. The clean water tank is used to store clean water or add clean liquid. The sewage tank is the place where the sewage from the floor washing is pumped up and stored.

floor scrubber

When the floor washer starts to work, clean water or cleaning liquid will automatically flow to the brush plate. The rotating brush plate will quickly separate the dirt from the ground, and the water suction scraper behind will completely suck up and scrape the sewage, so that the ground is spotless and dripping.

It can be said that the cleaning value of the floor scrubber is that it can completely remove the dirt in the shortest time, and make the ground dry immediately. Almost 100% of the dirt will be cleaned and inhaled into the washer to take away from the site. It can ensure the minimum water and cleaning liquid and play the maximum role at the same time.

Generally speaking, according to the cleaning width of the floor washer multiplied by the forward speed of the floor washer, the cleaning area of the floor washer per hour can be obtained.

There are two types of floor washing machine: manual floor scrubber and driving floor scrubber. If it is a manual floor washing machine, according to the walking speed (about 3-4km per hour), a manual floor washing machine can clean about 2000 square meters per hour, while the driving floor washing machine can clean 5000-7000 square meters per hour according to different models. Generally, the higher the degree of automation, the higher the cleaning efficiency.

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