Hardwood Floor Scrubber

1. Our Hardwood Floor Scrubber is a fully automatic intelligent scrubber, it is a necessary perfect floor washing machine.
2. It uses a sewage circulation system and has two powerful suction motors. This machine has two main brushes, which have high efficiency and good effect.
3. After cleaning, the floor is very clean and there is no residual water. Dirty water, soil, and sand can be sucked into dirty water tanks, especially on oily surfaces.

Product Details

Advantage of Hardwood Floor Scrubber 

1. Suction motor, walking motor: AMETEK imported from the United States, quality assurance

2. Washing motor, lifting motor: imported from Italy am, durable;

3. It integrates washing and drying. The front double brush plate brush or 100 clean pad can effectively clean the oil, dirt, dirty water and soil on the ground;

4. The rear arc-shaped water absorption grill can effectively absorb the sewage. The floor that the washing machine passes through can achieve the effect of drying thoroughly, and there is no residue in cleaning;

5. High efficiency, 6500 square meters per hour, equivalent to 12 manual cleaning efficiency;

6. The operation time is long, and it can work continuously for 5-6 hours at a time, with continuous cleaning of more than 30000 square meters.


Features of Hardwood Floor Scrubber

1. Dirty water, soil, and sand are all sucked into the sewage tank,

2. With sewage recycling function, equipped with two suction motors with super suction power

3. Especially for oily floors, after the machine is cleaned, it is as clean as new, which is beyond manual labor.

4. Easy driving and flexible panel operation

5. Low cost of use, suitable for all industries, such as supermarkets, etc.

6. Two main brushes are installed at the bottom for high cleaning efficiency and good effect

7. Can replace 18 cleaning workers

8. Machine  clean the floor thoroughly, scrub the dry floor, and leave no traces of water

Hardwood Floor Scrubber


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