How To Remove The Trouble If The Floor Scrubber Doesn't Work?

- Mar 26, 2021-


If your floor scrubber doesn't work, how to check the trouble? 

1) Prior to start the machine, first turn off the suction switch and the brush plate switch, disconnect the plug of the main battery.

2) Drain all the dirty water and excessive 

If your floor cleaning machine has appeared trouble which is not listed in the following table, please contact Pivot after-sales service network.

1. Machine can not start: bad fuse, replace fuse, check the battery, if necessary, replace the battery

2.Inadequate water flow: 

1) Check the fresh water tank level, if necessary, fill clean water.
2) Check the hose clogging, if blocked, remove all the blockages.

3. Lack of suction power: 

1) Pump motor cover seal leaks, if necessary, replace it. 

2) Clean fluff filter.

3) Clean tailgate absorbent article on the dust scratch, if necessary, replace it.

4) Check suction hose clogging, in case of congestion, clear the clog.

5) Check suction baffle setting position.

6) Check suction hose is leaking, if there is leakage, replace it.

7) Check whether metering valve on the discharge hose is closed.

4. Cleaning ineffective: Check brush wear, and if necessary, replace it.

5. Brush can not properly rotate: Check whether the brush was wound foreign body to live, if necessary, use the right tools, remove it from the wound.

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