Electric Driving Floor Sweeper Machine

Electric sweeper when conducting cleaning and sweeping, it can automatically adjust the lifting of brush handle; two-side brushes can collect the waste to the middle position by the throwing-off of the main brush to the waste hopper. In case that the dust is large, press the dust vibration button to maintain the cleanliness of the filter element and to ensure that the cleaning effect.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of floor sweeper

The new fully enclosed sweeper adopts a closed cab, which is suitable for use in a cold and harsh environment

1. Special cab and aluminum-alloy body structure reduce the body weight.

2. A fully enclosed cab shall be adopted to avoid the influence of bad conditions such as weather and noise on cleaning work.

3. The humanized design concept provides users with a safe and comfortable operation environment.

4. Adopt advanced filtration system, larger filtration area, and stronger dust absorption capacity.

Electric Driving Floor Sweeper Machine

Part II: Features of floor sweeper

1. Automatic garbage dumping system equipment three-position four-way hydraulic valve workstation, hydraulic cylinder, etc.

2. The hydraulic dump system improves working efficiency, fully automatic operation, safe and reliable.

3. Adopt 48V free maintenance battery for power, energy-saving, and environmental protection, continuous use time longer, optional lithium battery.

4. The advanced lengthening filter element is used to filter the area volume, the dust collecting ability is stronger, and the filter element is convenient to replace.

Electric Driving Floor Sweeper MachinePart III: Our Company

Our company mainly provides a cleaning machine for many years and mainly provides Six Series Products. As follows:

1.Road sweeping machine 2.Floor scrubber

3.Floor Sweeper Scrubber 4.Manual floor sweeper

5.Carpet Cleaner Machine 6.Snow Cleaning Machine

Road sweeping machine

Part IV: Our Service:

Before sales:

Provide product information, market research forecasting, product customization,

product processing, consultation, and other services for your convenience.


1. Technical training on according to customer requirements;

2. We promise replacement under warranty;

3. We promise to supply the maintenance spare parts;

4. Regular call back or visit customers;

5. On-time response to mail and phone calls of your complaints or consultation.

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