If you are not sure how to choose a suitable product for your application, this Product Guide information will be much helpful for you.

Floor Sweeper

How to choose a suitable floor sweeper? The main factors are sweeping width, cleaning efficiency, brush width, power, etc. Please check the chart of the parameters of our floor sweepers as follows.

 Floor Sweeper



1. Control system:

Imported Curtis electric control and cohage mainstream controller to ensure smooth start, long and smooth driving.

2. Imported waterproof and oil-proof type filter with durable performance 

3. Car harness circuit: 

Meets TS16949 standard with reliable power supply, all key connectors are retardant and waterproof.

4. Driving system:

Adopt the latest brushless AC motor, 1.5KW to 7.5KW high power drive motor is optional, maintenance free, infinitive variable gear box to ensure the power output is strong and stable, can climb the hill for long time.

5. Electric brake assist system:

This function, combined with the on-board controller, has the self-braking function on the upper ramp to prevent slope sliding and the anti-impact deceleration function on the lower ramp to maximize the driving safety of operators and pedestrians around.

6. Super vacuum system:

800W vacuum motor, 8m2 large filter area, with strong negative pressure centrifugal aluminum blades, higher than the same type sweeping machine with double dust collection efficiency, specialized to solve the problem of the dusty environment.

7. Rolling plastic large capacity water tank

Reduce the times of changing water, reduce the labor intensity of workers, enhance the effect of spraying dust, good sanitation effect.

8. Convenient maintenance

Open the back water tank can timely check the maintain the vehicle electrical control system, left and right side door-open structure, can not open the back cover on the basis of the replacement and maintenance of filter element.

9. Plenty of optional equipment

According to customer demand, we can choose air conditioner, internet of vehicle system, imported excited motor, AC and DC control system, etc.

10. Stable performance

Industrial design and manufacturing standard, stable performance, low maintenance cost.


Floor Scrubber

How to choose a suitable floor scrubber? The main factors are operation mode (hand push or ride on), cleaning width, cleaning efficiency, brush width, power, etc. Please check the chart of the parameters of our floor sweepers as follows.

The models for hand push floor scrubber: BA530, A3, BA730.

The models for hand push floor scrubber: A5, 60D, 70S, 100S, 160S, A7, BA900

Floor Scrubber


Carpet Cleaning Machine

The series products are mainly used for cleaning carpets, sofa, curtain, pillow, car cushion, seat, mattress, etc. Washing care can be done in one go. High cleaning efficiency, low cost, can be operated by one person, saving time and effort. 

carpet cleaning machine

Steam Cleaning Machine

Steam cleaning machine is mainly used for cleaning car, seat, carpet, sofa, etc. you can also choose to add or built-in vacuum cleaner, ozone disinfector, and further upgrade to steam vacuum cleaner and disinfector The steam temperature we set is very suitable for car washing and will not damage the paint. 

steam cleaning machine

Snow Cleaning Machine

Snow cleaning machine adopts modern production technology and realizes large-scale production. It has advanced technology and excellent quality. We promise a one-year warranty and provide parts service for life. It is an ideal equipment choice for property communities, city squares, non-motorized driveways and enterprises and institutions.  

snow cleaning machine

 snow cleaning machine


1. Based on Italian BCS multifunctional machine developed, according to test and customer feedback, the quality and performance of the machine are similar to Italian brand. Also, it is equipped with differential, which is equivalent to the quality of the BCS732, and such key components as gearbox, clutch, universal joint are very durable and usually do not damage.

2. It adopts gear transmission, the whole machine has strong power, durable and high transmission efficiency. In addition, the host belongs to the multifunctional host, which can be used with different accessories.

3. All our machines use Longxin brand engine, if the model we provide you is 420cc, G420FD Longxin engine, its quality is guaranteed.

4. The brush is nylon wire mixed.

5. Electric start and manual start, the handle can be adjusted 180°, the handle can be adjusted up and down 7 shift.

6. All machines packed in wooden cases, mainframe & accessories are packed separately.