Why Use Steam Car Wash Machine For Car Wash Shop?

- Mar 08, 2021-

Steam car wash machine as a new way of washing, once launched, it is loved by customers and investors.The customers like its cleaning effect, one click appointment and door-to-door service! The investors value is its energy conservation and environmental protection, low investment and high return.

So what are the advantages of steam car washing that can be loved by the public?

steam car wash machine

01. Be able to wash the car in many directions

The steam car wash machine can flexibly adjust the dry humidity, which is different from the high-pressure water car washing. In addition to cleaning the car body, it can also clean the engine, sofa, ceiling, air conditioner, cushion, foot pad, toys and accessories in the car, so as to achieve comprehensive cleaning.

02. The steam car washing machine can adapt to the market trend of energy conservation and environmental protection

With the improvement of international energy-saving and environmental protection mechanism and awareness, traditional high-pressure water car washing does not save water resources, resulting in a lot of wastewater pollution and other drawbacks, and steam car washing just solves these problems, steam car washing will become a new development trend!

03. It can improve cleaning to fine cleaning

The main concept of steam cleaning is: first of all, steam can completely clean all parts of the car; and the most important thing is that steam washing is not a simple washing process of high pressure and cold water, but through the characteristics of steam drying, with appropriate pressure and temperature to comprehensively clean, sterilize, disinfect and deodorize every tiny part of the car, so as to achieve a higher car washing cleanliness Cleaning is improved to fine cleaning, which is more closely related to the health of car owners.

04. Be able to adapt to car washing service in various places

Steam Car Wash Machine has the advantage of no waste water pollution. The car washing service can be carried out in door-to-door mobile car washing, underground car washing, large shopping mall car washing and self-service car washing for family users.

After learned so much, I believe you already know something about steam car wash machine! If you have any questions, please contact at any time!



steam car wash machine