Why Is Touchless Car Washing Machines More and More Popular?

- Mar 15, 2021-

When cars enter thousands of households, with the acceleration of people's pace of life, car washing has become a headache. If there is a queue again, many car owners will drive away directly without leaving the car. The touchless car washing machine has the advantages of fast washing speed, high efficiency, convenient operation and won't damage the paint, which are more and more popular in the car washing shops, gas stations and car washes, and replace the traditional manual car washing mode is adopted.

No touch car washing machine can not only bring stable customer groups, but also become a stepping stone to accelerate the expansion of other businesses. With the increase of labor cost year by year, it has become an inevitable trend for car washing industry to use automation equipment to reduce labor cost.

car washing machine

With the rapid growth of car ownership, "difficult car washing" has become a more and more serious social problem. Traditional stores have high labor costs, slow car washing, and high charges for ordinary car owners, which has become a pain point in the development of the industry. The price for car washing is rising, but the service level is decreasing. 

The high efficient computer car washing mode will be the future development direction of the car washing industry, and the bigger automobile aftermarket relying on the automobile is about to usher in new great changes.

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car washing machine