Steam Car Wash Machine

1.With 48V battery power supply, single direct current control is provided with remarkable stability, and mobile cleaning is more convenient.
2. High pressure steam, high pressure cold water, high pressure hot water three in one!Hot and cold water pressure is up to 70kg, hot water temperature is up to 80 degrees!
3. High steam pressure, sufficient steam, small diesel nozzle, low fuel consumption, continuou steam discharge up to 20 bar.

Product Details

Part I: Introduce of Steam Car Wash Machine

1. 48V battery driven, diesel oil heating and also is belong to mobile car washer.

2. Without boiler, stable and safe working.

3. Full stainless steel, long service life.

4. Adjustable dryness and wetness.

5. Strong steam pressure, car cleaning, industrial clean, food industarial clean.

6. Machine itself can spray high pressure water and cold water.

steam car wash machine

Part II: Features of Steam Car Wash Machine

1. The steam pressure is 20 bar, can work with 2 steam jet guns, two workers can clean one car at the same time, saving a lot of working time.

2. Still made of stainless steel, long service life. Mobile type, diesel heating, small power driven, low-energy consumption, 2.5-3L/H, low fuel consumption.

3. Adopt "instant vaporization" technology, no boiler design principles, simple electric control, dry & wet steam adjustable.

steam car wash machine

Part III: Specification of PD5B Steam Car Wash Machine

Model: PD5BDiesel consumption: 3L/h
Pre-heating time: 10sSteam pressure: 20bar
Steam flow: 60kg/hMaterial: Stainless steel
Steam hose length: 10mDiesel Tank: 15L
Water tank: 23LVolume: 1010*720*850mm

Part IV: Usage of Steam Car Wash Machine

1. It can clean automotive surface, car tires, car interiors, car engine comprehensive.

2. Household cleaning , carpet cleaning 

3. Remove dust, oil; disinfection and sanitizing 

4. Property management services

steam car wash machine

Part V: FAQ

1. MOQ?
1 set. More orders, more preferential price. Price is negotiable.

2. Voltage?
Customized. Like 110V/220V/380/415V, single phase/three phases.

3. Package?
Wooden case/ Container as requested.

4. Delivery Time?
Within 7 working days after receiveding full payment

5. Warranty?
12 months warranty. 24 hours online service.


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