The Most Fashion Trend Carpet Cleaning Plan

- Feb 03, 2020-

The most "fashion trend" carpet cleaning plan  

Carpet always gives people the feeling of elegance, luxury and style. It is mainly used in shopping malls, hotels and other public places, which can make the whole space upgrade. However, the polluted carpet can make the whole impression reduce. So how to clean and maintain the heavy carpet for a long time in a clean, fresh and soft way? This requires efficient cleaning equipment to solve this problem. Adopt advanced and efficient cleaning machine and equipment.

Commercial buildings often lay different carpets in many places. The area of carpets may account for 50% of the floor area. The cleaning area is very large. If the carpets are removed and washed manually by traditional methods, they will be suspended for several hours. Manual brushing may also damage the fibers of the carpets. Our carpet washing machine can effectively protect the carpets while cleaning them Fiber, prolong the service life of carpet.


Our carpet washing machine has high efficiency motor, which can clean all kinds of carpets effectively and deeply. Unlike vacuum cleaner, it can easily suck up or loosen the carpet, suck away the micro suspended particles, and completely clean.

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Carpet cleaning needs regular maintenance

Carpet includes all kinds of materials, such as pure wool, chemical fiber texture, bed blanket, etc. carpet treatment is steam sauna machine, multi-function machine cleaning machine, suction and suction machine, combined with special disinfection and decontamination machine for carpet steam mite, sterilization, foam cleaning and scale removal, suction suction machine suction water, air drying, combing, and then use antifouling spray treatment, so that the carpet surface to form thin film, to prevent. Water dust absorption effect.


How to clean carpet: water extraction and dry bubble cleaning

Different methods are selected for carpets of different materials. The water washing method is to use a vacuum cleaner to fully clean the carpets, inject the diluent cleaner into the water tank, spray the cleaner on the carpets, wait for 10-15 minutes, the stains will be separated from the fibers, use a floor washer to pump and wash the carpets, and operate backward so that each operation line has a part of overlap, after less than two times of pumping and washing, at the same time of cleaning the carpets, use a water suction machine Suck up the washed carpet. In order to make the carpet completely dry, start the carpet dryer. However, dry foam cleaning is another completely different method of cleaning. After vacuum cleaners are fully vacuumed, the oil stains on the carpet, fruit stains, coffee stains, diluted foam carpet cleaners, bubble boxes, hand brushes, carpet edges, corners and machines are used to clean the carpet. After working for a while, then repeat. After the carpet hair is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the stains and dry the bubble crystals.