P80 Ride On Sweeper Delivery To Australia

- Mar 11, 2020-

One Set P80 Floor Sweeper Delivery Australia

Client Request:

  1. Clean up the leaves and rubbish in the factory, and mainly used on outdoor, but sometimes also used it on indoor.

  2. The factory area is about 5000m²/h.

  3. Sent some working videos.

Then we choose one set P80 floor sweeper for him, and when packing use iron sheet.

Packing Size:1800x1450x1600mm

Weight: 470kg




As we know, the floor sweeper cleaning machine is very popular in the world, because one set P80 road sweeper machine can replace 5-8 sanitation workers, so it can greatly reduced the cost. And the electric sweeper produced by our company is a combination of sweeping, suction and sprinkling. Its appearance is made of sheet metal, with high-efficiency roller or flat filter inside, and important accessories are imported with original packaging. The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, long continuous working time, high cleaning efficiency, low working noise, green and pollution-free.

If you need floor sweeper or other kinds of cleaning machine, please contact me any time!


Email: eilin@pivotcleaningmachine.come

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