One Set Of G1880 Floor Sweeper And One Set Of PA7 Floor Scrubber Delivery

- Dec 28, 2020-

G1880 Floor Sweeper Machine 

The function of the floor sweeper is to sweep the floor, sprinkle water and absorb dust. While sweeping, the sweeper concentrates the garbage and sweeps the garbage into the dustbin through the throwing principle of the main brush. At the same time, when sweeping, the sweeper absorbs dust while sprinkling water, so as to reduce dust.

1. Sweeping width: 1880mm

2. Productivity: 12000m²/h

3. Main Brush's Length: 800mm

4. Side Brush's Diameter: 500mm

5. Continuous Work Time: 6-8h

6. Waster Hopper Capacity: 180L

7. Capacity of Water Tank: 120L

8. Battery: 48V/100Ah

floor scrubber

PA7 Floor Scrubber/ Floor Cleaning Machine

Nowadays, many large enterprises, factories, underground garages, shopping malls and hospitals are equipped with driving floor scrubber. Driving floor cleaning machine can effectively replace manual mopping, and the efficiency is faster, washing and drying, which can achieve the cleaning effect that manual cleaning can not achieve.

1. Cleaning width: 860mm

2. Productivity: 55m²/h

3. Suction width: 1080mm

4. Propelling Motor: 800W

5. Brush Motor: 550W*2

6. Suction Motor: 500W

7. Lifting Motor: 100W*2

8. Waster Hopper Capacity: 140L

9. Capacity of Water Tank: 130L

10. Battery: 24V/200Ah