Tractor Mounted Snow Sweeper

The purpose of driving snow sweeping can be achieved by adding an engine and hydraulic transmission mechanism to connect a 180 cm snow sweeping brush, which can greatly improve the speed and efficiency of snow sweeping, and the driver can easily operate the equipment.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Snow Sweeper

Loader type road snow remover Road ice breaking and snow removing equipment

The loader snow sweeper is manufactured with high-tech technology, with strong power, strong snow lifting and suction, easy multi-purpose operation, easy driving, walking and backward, the operator only needs to master the direction; the equipped new high wear-resistant roller brush can clean the snow without causing damage to the ground. There are special tyre flowers on the tyres of the shovel snow sweeper, which can prevent skidding very well; the suction is strong, even if the snow pile is very hard, it can be removed, and the maintenance is convenient.

Part II: Application of Ride On Snow Sweeper

At present, two snow seasons have been tried out in airport customers, which have been used to clean up a large area of snow on the airport, and good results have been achieved.

Driving Snow Sweeper


Q1: Do you inspect the finished products?

A1: Yes.Each step of products will be carried out inspection by QC department until shipping 

Q2: What advantages do you have?

Q2:  Delivery on time

Q3:Point to point service.

Q3:There is two sales departments who will serve you from inquiry to products shipped out. During the process, you just need to discuss with him for all the problems and the way sames much times.

 Part IV: Why Choose Us?

1.24 hours on line service, support Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian ,technical guidance.

2. When meets machine failure problem, our factory will ensure that the problem is solved within 1 hour

3.Povide machine install video.

4.Provide logistics information, like shipping by sea, shipping by express DHL, FEDEX delivery, real-time tracking service.

5.If machine is broken ,Non-human causes,the new machine will be provided or new parts will be provided.

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