Common Faults In The Washing Machine

- Aug 06, 2019-

During the use of the washing machine, it is inevitable that a malfunction will occur. When problems occur, you should carefully find the cause according to different fault phenomena.

1) The spray gun does not spray water

a) The water inlet and inlet water filter are clogged.

b) The nozzle is clogged.

c) The heating coil is clogged and the scale is removed if necessary.

2) The outlet pressure is unstable

a) Insufficient water supply.

b) The air is sucked into the pipeline due to the rupture of the pipeline and the fact that the detergent nozzle is not inserted with detergent.

c) Nozzle wear.

d) The high pressure water pump seal leaks.

3) Burner does not ignite and burn

a) Insufficient air intake and white smoke.

b) The fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel nozzle are dirty and clogged.

d) The solenoid valve is damaged.

e) The position of the ignition electrode changes and the spark is too weak.

f) The high voltage ignition coil is damaged.

g) Pressure switch damage.