Introduction To High Pressure Car Washing Machine

- Aug 11, 2019-

High-pressure car washing machine is a new generation of car cleaning tools. It uses a high-pressure device to pump water into a small water mist column to clean the surface of the car body. The body is less than 1 cubic meter in size, and it has its own storage battery. It can move freely in a wide range and consumes a small amount of water. It only needs five or six liters of water per cleaning. It can completely clean the surface and interior of the car, some corners that are easy to accumulate but not easy to clean, and the original car wash tools are not in place. This high-pressure car washing machine can do a good job.

High-pressure car washing machine integrates high-pressure micro-water cleaning, high-power vacuuming, ozone disinfection, tire inflation, polishing and waxing, in-car dry cleaning, cross-river fire, LED glare lighting in one function, energy saving and environmental protection, water saving Power saving, charging once, power consumption a few degrees, can wash twenty or thirty cars, can work continuously, atomization is stable. The adjustable nozzle is washable and flushable. User-friendly design, the machine is equipped with a pressure control switch, the handle is turned off to operate the valve, the main machine stops working, and the machine will resume work after opening.

The car can be widely used in underground parking lots, gas stations, community parking lots, car beauty shops, etc. It is a good helper for laid-off and unemployed people. As long as the number of vehicles is counted, the high-pressure car washing machine is used. The high-pressure car washing machine is exquisite and generous, light and convenient, easy to move and easy to operate.