Why use an electric sweeper for factory cleaning?

- Feb 20, 2020-

Why use an electric sweeper for factory cleaning?

Recently, we visited several factories and found that none of the production sites were clean and tidy. Most of the waste produced during the production process was covered with dust, and the ground was obviously dusty. There are also varying degrees of dust on the products in the finished area. When walking in the production workshop, I clearly felt embarrassed. So we developed dirty solutions for some factories.

A selection of electric road sweepers is the most cost-effective solution

Driving semi enclosed Sweeper

1. High work efficiency, cleaning about 19,000 square meters per hour, equivalent to 15 manual cleaning efficiency

2. Long working time, can work continuously for 5 hours at a time, and continuously clean more than 10,000 square meters

3. the use cost is low, the wearing parts are cheap, only need to change 2-4 times a year

4. A large electric road sweeper can replace 15 cleaners, and the investment in machinery can be recovered in one month.

Choosing an electric road sweeper is the cleanest solution

1. It can effectively reduce the dust on the floor of the factory floor. This will solve the damage caused by dust and garbage to the ground, and also solve the damage caused by dust to the product. It also avoids possible personal injury and Damage to plant equipment.

2. The machine saves more money than labor, and works much faster than human hands. It saves time and costs, improves work efficiency, and the machine works better than manual work.