Ride On Road Sweeping Machine

Floor sweeper road cleaning machine is widely used in municipal sanitation, parks, residential areas, commercial walking street, parking lots, tourist attractions and other public places.

Product Details

Introduction of ride on road sweeping machine

The ride on road sweeping machine with advanced functional module design and convenient and flexible control mode, the product is durable.The introduction of electric sweeper in the sanitation industry can reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers and improve the efficiency of sanitation operations.

This kind of sweeping machine is suitable for cleaning companies, property companies, sanitation, small and medium-sized enterprises, amusement parks, parks and other industrial and mining enterprises cleaning.

ride on floor sweeper

Features of P2000ZX ride on road sweeping machinefloor sweeper

1. 2100mm cleaning width; High density nylon brush, fast cleaning

2. Fully enclosed cab shall be adopted to avoid the influence of bad conditions such as weather and noise on cleaning work.

3. Humanized design concept provides users with safe and comfortable operation environment.

4. Adopt advanced filtration system, larger filtration area and stronger dust absorption capacity.

5. 200L larger trash can, automatic easy to dump.

6. Super power walking motor, superior climbing ability.

7. Strong stock for delivery at any time you need!

Our Service

Honest & Faithful: It is our working style and base of which helps us to build up long term and trusted relation shipment with our customers, staffs and partners.

Quality: We pursue high quality of product and service. We are serious-minded and cautious for any project and tasks and try our best to be perfect in leading area in this industry.

Customers first : We provide excellent compensation, benefit with healthy and comfortable office environment. As to the customers, It’s our happy staffs who will try their best to bring you great service experience.

Our Company

Our company mainly provide cleaning machine for many years, and mainly provide many kinds of cleaning machine. As follows:

1.Small type municipal cleaning machine(also called roadway flusher)

2.Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

3.Sweeper:It  including driving full enclosed type, driving half enclosed type, driving type and manual type

4.Sweeper Scrubber-Drier: It including hand push type and driving type

The rational allocation of resources laid the foundation for the sustainable and harmonious development of enterprise, we'll continue to make progress and develop, do our best to build a clean world with the times!floor sweeper


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