What type of garbage can the electric sweeper clean?

- Feb 19, 2020-

The electric sweeper is a three-in-one set of sweeping, suction and water spraying. The appearance is made of sheet metal. It has a built-in high-efficiency roller / plate filter. Imported important accessories are imported from the original. The equipment has simple operation, convenient maintenance, long continuous working time and high cleaning efficiency , Low working noise, green and pollution-free,  is a company specializing in the production of electric sweepers

1. The equipment is suitable for municipal sanitation, community property, school parks, factory warehouses and other areas that need manual cleaning, cleaning dust, sand, stones, bricks, leaves, paper and other garbage, and can complete the ground cleaning at one time

2. One such equipment can replace 5-8 sanitation workers. The hot summer and fallen leaves season are a rare good helper for municipalities and enterprises;

3. the battery is used as a power source, which saves the cost of use while protecting the environment. The most important thing is that driving electric equipment does not require any employment license, and the operation is simple and convenient.