Which venues are snowplows suitable for?

- Aug 06, 2020-

Which venues are snowplows suitable for?

The winter in northern China is long, with frequent snowfall and heavy snowfall. Snow on highways and airport runways will cause great inconvenience to people's travel. It not only affects the normal traffic order, but also has potential safety hazards. It is prone to traffic accidents. Snow on the roads causes many traffic accidents every year. A direct collision of ten cars occurred directly on the way, directly threatening the safety of people's lives and property. Snow on highways and airports has become a major obstacle to traffic.


In order to avoid the above phenomenon, it is necessary to quickly and completely remove the snow on the road area after it snows to create a good travel environment for people. The traditional method of clearing snow is manual cleaning and pickling on the road. Both methods have disadvantages. Artificial snow removal workers have high labor intensity, poor working environment, low efficiency, insufficient snow accumulation, and threats to the passing of vehicles. It has many advantages unmatched by artificial snow: high efficiency, low consumption, complete snow accumulation.


Now, snow removal equipment is widely used on our roads. Our snowplow not only has a good snow accumulation effect, but also can clear snow. In addition, it can adapt to many situations in the snow removal process.

Manual sweeperSnow removal equipment is widely used in the snow removal work of stations, terminals, airports, hotels and food storage in our lives. The utility model is simple to operate, has a large working surface, and can rotate freely at 360 degrees. Suitable for outdoor work, using diesel engine as power. Secondly, when the equipment is working, the damage to the road surface is relatively small, and it can be adapted to snow removal work in many places.


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