What's the Advantage of Small Crawler Snow Sweeper?

- Aug 05, 2020-

1. The type of Power Snow Sweeper Truck is use chassis of ATV and equipped with power snow brush, and the width of brush is 100cm, and can swing about 20 degrees.

2. Driving type snow sweeping method greatly reduces labor intensity, and the crawler rear wheel is used on ice and snow ground, and the anti-skid effect is significantly improved.

3. The biggest advantage of the track drive sweeper snow blower is that no matter what kind of snow (floating snow, solid snow, ice), it does not need to use salt or snow melting agent, and can adapt to different road conditions, and the snow removal efficiency can reach more than 95%. 

4. High density and high elasticity steel wire roller brush has good deicing effect, and can remove the thin ice and thin compacted snow on the road surface, and the snow removal speed is fast; in addition to the rolling and scraping roller for breaking the ice and snow, we also add the rolling impact roller, which can remove the thin ice without damaging it Damage to the road surface. 

5. In operation, it can be used together with rolling and scraping roller to achieve the function of one-time ice removal. When the auxiliary ice breaker is used, it can break the large ice and snow rolled by the roller scraping wheel so as to discharge to the roadside. small crawler snow sweeper