Tractor Road Sweeping Machine

This Ride On Snow Remover has special structure of beach off-road vehicle structure by special design, one machine has multiple use, and it is single driving, the volume is small and flexible, the speed is fast, the operation is simple, the shape is novel and unique. It can easily complete the workload of 20 manual or 6 hand held snow sweepers.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Tractor Road Sweeping Machine

Snow Blower on tractor is widely used in road, ground, warehouse etc, mainly in blowing away of snow, dust etc.


Snow blower is great for farmers, state and county road maintenance facilities, industrial plants, power plants, and any other location that where the snow must be spread out evenly.It's high efficiency and easy operation win warm praise from customers.

Part II: Application of Tractor Road Sweeping Machine

This tractor-type sweeper (snow blower) is mainly used in roads, properties, communities, underground garages and other places. One machine is equivalent to five labor, which greatly saves expenses.

driving snow sweeper

Part III:  Snow Sweeper Brush System Configuration

Rear Engine

Four stroke Zongshen 13HP engine (optional other engines)

Transmission Mode

Belt tension shaft transmission

Snow Sweeper Brush Size

Width 1300mm, Diameter 50mm

Max Rotation Speed


Steering Angle

25 degree , can be up and down

Part IV: Parking & Delivery

Floor sweeper

Part V: Our Service

1. Established in 2010

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4. Our products such as floor scrubber, floor scrubber sweeper, carpet cleaning machine, snow lifter, exported to many countries like America, Japan, German, Colombia,South Africa, Southeast Asia.

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