What Is The Working Principle Of Floor Sweeper Scrubber

- Mar 09, 2021-

What Is The Working Principle Of Floor Sweeper Scrubber?

The main working mechanism of the washing and sweeping machine is the combination of washing and sweeping. It is composed of brush, brush holder, suspension rod and driving mechanism. The sweeping brush is also divided into main brush and auxiliary brush. The main brush is cylindrical, which is the main cleaning device. It cleans the garbage to the garbage conveyor.

And send it to the dustbin. Because the bristles are installed on a hollow cylinder, they are also called rolling brushes. The auxiliary brush is used to clean the edge of the road. It sweeps the garbage to the cleaning range of the main brush, so that the overall cleaning area can be expanded and installed on both sides of the body, can be extended left and right, can also be adjusted up and down called side brush.

In fact, the function of cleaning and sweeping machine is to clean roads and sites. According to its use, it can be divided into three categories: sweeping brush, cleaning collector and special collector. The road sweeper can only sweep the garbage on the road to one side. It is usually only used on the suburban roads. It is also used to clean the site when paving and repairing roads.

The sweeper can not only sweep the garbage and dust to one side, but also automatically load the garbage into the dustbin and carry it away. It is widely used in urban road cleaning.

Washing and sweeping machine is generally composed of frame, engine, transmission system, sweeping brush, dustbin, garbage conveying device and sprinkler system. There are mechanical and vacuum mechanical garbage conveying devices. Mechanical conveying device has belt type, scraper chain type and bucket type lifting structure, while vacuum mechanical conveying device.

It can not only sweep the garbage from the road, but also throw it into the dustbin. At the same time, the air flow also passes through the brush, so as to promote the garbage and dust to leave from the ground and discharge into the almost dust-free air in the atmosphere, so as to avoid air pollution. The device is used in the modern cleaning and collecting machine in the city.

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