Single Disc Ride On Floor Scrubber Drier

1.For Propelling Motor,we use Amer(Italy brand). Suction Motor, we use AMETEK( US brand). 2.About Controller, we use PG(UK brand) 3.With good cleaning effect, comes with sewage recycling tank, sewage and sand can automatic go into the sewage tank. 4.For floor scrubber brush pan, our company is use Malish (US brand). 5.Intelligent charging, automatic protection after full charge, which avoid the phenomenon of the which will burn out the battery after charging long time.

Product Details

Part I: Application of floor scrubber

Our floor scrubber machine is applicable tosupermarkets, warehouses, hospitals, sports centers, airports, parking lots, the food industry and other large-area places which have high requirements for cleaning.

floor scrubber

Part II: Features of Ride on Scrubber Machine

1)The compact floor scrubber with Import strip,good quality guarantee 

2) The adjustable height handle for compact floor scrubber,convenient for different population to use 

3) The squeegee blades can be changed quickly without tools, wear-resistant and durable

4) The control panel for compact floor scrubber is clear and easy to operate. 

5)With the curved water scraper it makes better water sucking.

6)The big battery, so can continuous work 4-6hours

7)Low-noise, can be used in hospitals and other quiet environments.

floor scrubberPart III:RFQ

Q:How long is the warranty period for the machine?

A:12 mouths.12 months for all spare parts (not including fragile parts).

Q: What should I consider when I choose a floor scrubber ?

A: -Which floor type that you plan to clean ?

-How many square meters is the cleaning area ?

Q:Which kinds of batteries can we choose?

A:The marking is Lead-acid battery ,It also can according to your requirements,choose the lithium battery.

Q:How to carry out after-sales service?

A:If it is in the warranty period, everything is free. First , you need to provide the bad parts; then we will be free to repair or change for you. 


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