Use procedure of carpet cleaner

- Feb 05, 2020-

Use procedure of carpet cleaner:

1. Clean the carpet thoroughly before cleaning to prepare for cleaning;

2. Carpet cleaning machine for the correct scrub, the need to add an appropriate amount of detergent;

3. Professional suction suction machine for water absorption, reduce the second step in the penetration of the carpet in the detergent content;

4. Scrub with clear water, add in water to go flavour agent at the same time, brake the peculiar smell in carpet better purify;

5. Continue the suction work described above. After carpet USES clear water to wipe, want to use clean towel to absorb moisture dry, air of carpet afresh immediately.

6. Use a pickpocket to smooth the carpet hair and roll the hair that remains in the carpet;

7. In order to make carpet quickly dry, avoid raw mould, must use professional blow dry machine to carpet to blow carpet dry. But avoid the sun exposure, so as not to fade.