Carpet tips

- Feb 05, 2020-

Carpets are made of cotton, linen, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers. They are knitted by hand or mechanical techniques, and are made of ground or textile. It is one of the arts and crafts categories with a long history and tradition around the world. Covering the ground of houses, hotels, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, planes, etc., it has noise reduction, heat insulation and decoration effects.


Folding sound insulation effect

With its tight and breathable structure, the carpet can absorb and isolate sound waves and has a good sound insulation effect.

Folding improves air quality

Carpet surface fluff can capture and adsorb dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving indoor air quality.

Folding Carpet Safety

Carpet is a kind of soft paving material, which is different from marble. Tiles and other hard floor paving materials are not easy to slip and bump. There are children or the elderly in the home.

Fold art beautify effect

The carpet has rich patterns, gorgeous colors, and layered shapes, which can beautify your decoration environment and reflect your personality.

Folding is non-toxic

The carpet does not have radiation, does not emit gases that are not good for your health, such as formaldehyde, and meets various environmental protection requirements.

Folding improves foot feel

Carpets have a comfortable foot feel. Wooden flooring, marble, tiles, and other floor materials are uncomfortable in cold weather. Carpets can solve such problems.