Ten most popular cleaning equipment in the cleaning field (1)

- Jan 22, 2021-

High-pressure cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers, stone refurbishment machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. are often necessary cleaning equipment for cleaning companies. They are used in a wide range of places. They have different cleaning requirements and different cleaning requirements. Let me review it again. Main ten kinds of cleaning equipment knowledge.

1. High-pressure cleaning equipment

Commonly known as high-pressure water guns, they are divided into electric high-pressure cleaners, fuel-burning high-pressure cleaners, and hot and cold water at the same time. A high-pressure cleaner is a machine that uses a power device to make a high-pressure plunger pump produce high-pressure water to wash the surface of an object. It can peel off and wash away dirt to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the object, washing the ground, parking lots, etc. Electric type is divided into 220V and 380V voltage, which is selected according to the working electricity environment. There are vertical and horizontal points. It is more convenient to choose a fuel-driven washing machine for outdoor cleaning.

High Pressure Washing Machine

2. Floor washing and cleaning equipment

Floor scrubbing equipment includes scrubbers, hand scrubbers, and driving scrubbers. Floor scrubbers are also called scrubbers or single scrubbers, which can be used to clean the floor, wax up and clean carpets. The sewage generated after washing needs to be cleaned by a suction machine (there is a slight difference between the sewage suction device for carpet and hard floor). The hand-push scrubber and the driving scrubber are fully automatic scrubbers that clean the floor and recycle sewage at the same time. They clean efficiently, save a lot of personnel costs, and improve cleaning efficiency. Hand-push scrubbers are divided into wire scrubbers and battery scrubbers. The battery-style operation is more convenient and is not restricted by the length of the wire, but the use time and battery maintenance are particularly important. For real estate communities, factories and mining enterprises, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. to clean large areas of hard floors, hand-push or driving models are selected according to the clean working environment.



3. Sweeping and cleaning equipment

The sweeping and cleaning equipment includes a hand-push sweeper and a driving sweeper. This machine sweeps the ground while taking away the dust. It can be cleaned efficiently in one step, saving personnel costs and improving cleaning efficiency. The hand-push type is divided into unpowered sweeper and powered sweeper. Powered sweeping is cleaner and faster. Use this machine to clean dust, garbage, paper scraps, leaves, etc. in outdoor parking lots and indoor parking lots.