Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

3 in 1 Carpet Extractor PC18 is a high performance stable carpet cleaner to collect dust for carpet. It has performance of multi-purpose, easy operation, and strong dust collecting ability. Intelligent operation, simple and easy, three major functions in one, spray, pump, suck at the same time

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of carpet extractor

The following is the introduction of carpet cleaning:

Three in one carpet dust remover is a high-performance product. It is very clean, has strong dust collection ability, and is easy to operate. It is an ideal product for buyers.

Part II: Features of pc18 carpet extractor

1. Front water injection,Add clean water at any time,suitable for large area cleaning

2. Dirty water hose,Sewage discharge is simple and convenient with one button

3.Large rear wheel design,Stable support, fast movement

4.Visibility sewage box cover,Keep abreast of carpet contamination

5.Humanize Handle,Human body structure handle design

single operation, easy to pull

6.Single operation, high cleaning efficiency

carpet cleaningcarpet cleaning

Part III : Our service

1. We can provide OEM and ODM

2. We can accept small batch orders, starting with one

3. We have a strict quality control system

4. Our delivery time is 10-15 days,  Spot at any time delivery


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