What's the Features of Electric Vacuum Cleaner Steam Car Washer Machine?

- Jan 18, 2021-

1. Pure stainless steel combination, stainless steel coil, no rust, light weight, high durability!

2. The nozzle is equipped with a standard 2.0 large orifice, continuous air release pressure of 20kg, high steam pressure and large gas volume.

3. Using new pure stainless steel water pump and heat exchange technology imported from Japan, which greatly improves the work efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. New flow control technology (to detect the working condition of the water pump) is added. The cooler starts steam for 10 seconds, with fast heating speed and high efficiency.

5. 15L detergent tank, 23L water tank, built-in water level valve, can manually or automatically add water, water shortage automatic prompt.

6. 6kw/18kw electric heating, with strong anti freezing function, easy to use in winter, used in car washing shop(Car wash service station) or factory oil cleaning, high pressure, large air volume, adjustable steam dry humidity, one machine multi-purpose, remarkable effect!