Skills Of Driving Washing Machine

- Mar 04, 2020-

Skills of driving washing machine

As a professional cleaning equipment for large area of hard ground, the driving washing machine is widely used in hospitals, factories, shopping malls, underground garages and other places. But in daily use, careful friends can always find the same washing machine. Why do cleaning effects differ in different places? Let's show you something.

1、 The choice of brush or cleaning pad for the driving washing machine. For the dirty and wear-resistant ground, we should use hard brush or brown and black cleaning pad. The friction force of dark cleaning pad on the ground will be greater to achieve better cleaning effect.

2、 For particularly dirty or waxy ground, clean twice (thoroughly), and use proper detergent. In the first cleaning process, clean the ground with detergent, and determine the amount of detergent according to the hardness of the ground. When cleaning for the first time, lift up the suction rack and do not suck up the sewage on the ground. Soak the dirt on the ground with water containing detergent for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then scrub the ground twice and dry the water

floor sweeper

3、 The pressure regulation of the brush of the driving washing machine, for many good large-scale hand push washing machines and driving washing machines, the pressure of the brush is usually adjustable, and the pressure to the ground is generally about 50-100kg, some of which are continuously adjustable, some of which are proportional adjustment. The greater the pressure, the better the cleaning effect, but the more severe the abrasion of the brush and the ground Heavy

4、 The floor of the driving type washing machine shall be cleaned before cleaning. This can not only improve the cleaning effect but also reduce the wear of the machine


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