How to choose the washing machine correctly in the shopping mall?

- Mar 02, 2020-

How to choose the washing machine correctly in the shopping mall?

Zhengzhou Pivot machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional cleaning equipment supplier and manufacturer. Our products include floor washer, sweeper, washing and sweeping machine, high-pressure washing machine, carpet machine, snow blower and other cleaning equipment. The company cooperates with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad to select high-quality and low-cost equipment for customers, coupled with our perfect after-sales service, so that customers can buy and use safely. We cherish the opportunity to cooperate with every customer very much. To establish a win-win partnership is our constant pursuit.


Scope of application:

It is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces such as smooth tiles, mirror stones, PVC, epoxy, carborundum, polishing cement, etc.

Its high efficiency and dust free cleaning mode is an excellent alternative to manual cleaning. It is also an excellent choice for the cleaning of large supermarkets, shopping malls, workshops, pavilions, stadiums, airports, stations, docks and other places.


Matters Needing Attention:

1. Whether the brush disc of the full-automatic washing machine is imported or domestic, the quality of the brush disc of the imported full-automatic washing machine must be better, but the price must be much higher, this thing can be seen very well, there is a very obvious gap between the domestic and the imported workmanship.

2. When buying equipment, don't be greedy for cheapness. The price is really the price! These can be fully reflected from the machine, one is workmanship, the other is product configuration.


3. On the spot inspection, looking for regular manufacturers, now there are many brands of automatic floor washing machines in the market, so we must see clearly when choosing, otherwise the quality and after-sales are not guaranteed.