Manual Workshop Sweeper

PM950 manual workshop sweeper widened front brush and the improved main brush height further improve the cleaning efficiency of the whole machine, the cleaning range is further expanded, and the dust and small bulk waste can receive ideal cleaning effect.

Product Details

Part I: Introduce of Manual Workshop Sweeper

Manual floor sweeper's main brush work height can be adjusted and with roll brush, adapt to different floors, separate garbage bins, automatic collection/closed storage garbage, equipped with dust suppression filter device to prevent secondary pollution, no dust during cleaning process. No noise, the fuselage can be folded, easy to store, simple structure and easy maintenance. 

manual sweeper

Part II: Features of Manual Workshop Sweeper

It's great for sweeping outdoors and indoors. 

It cleans hallways, workshops, retail shops, warehouses, parking lots and sidewalks in far less time than the traditional method.

It picks up nearly everything, including metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves, cigarette butts, and even packaging material. 

Light and compact, you can move from area to area with ease with this highly maneuverable and compact push sweeper. 

manual sweeper machine

Part III: Application of Manual Workshop Sweeper

Manual floor sweeper can widely used on Commercial area, Warehouse, Factory, Square, Street.  and it can clean paper scraps, small debris, metal filing, saw dust and leaves and so on.


Part IV: Product Datas of PM950 Manual Workshop Sweeper

Sweep Width


Max Work Efficiency


Dustbin Volume


Total Machine Weight




Gross Weight


Packing Dimension(L*W*H)



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