Several wrong operations causing sweeper failure

- Mar 09, 2020-

Several wrong operations causing sweeper failure

The electric sweeper can be seen in many cities. The sweeper can not only bring us a clean environment, but also save manpower and material resources. Here are a few wrong operations.

1.Frequent pull combination switch

Frequent operation of the combined switch will add its failure probability. As the moment the switch is switched on, the DC current through the switch contact is much higher than ordinary. In the half joint and half separation mode, the contact can be burned by welding flowers.

2.Keep pressing the window regulator

Many sweepers' windows do not rise and fall in place, which is also related to the common Operational errors. When using the window regulator, when the glass falls or rises to the top, it must be released in real time.

3.Always brake

When changing the speed of the electric sweeper, use more gears, shift gears and brake less. Especially when downhill let the starter brake, the damage to the starter is very big. Therefore, do not step on the brake to go downhill, as it is easy to damage the brake pads.

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