How does the snowplow solve the traffic problem?

- Jul 03, 2020-

How does the snowplow solve the traffic problem?

In winter, ice and snow accumulation often occurs, especially on ramps, turns, intersections, airport runways and other road sections. Snow and ice accumulation are more serious, often causing traffic accidents.


Since the current snow clearing method in China is relatively primitive, it is mainly a manual method. It not only wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, but also wastes the efficiency of snow removal, and often does not clean up the snow. The compaction of the vehicle increases the difficulty of clearing snow. However, the use of snow removal equipment effectively solves the above problems for everyone.


In the production and processing of snow removal equipment, it is mainly produced using foreign patented technology. It has strong power and strong snow suction characteristics. Its snow throwing head is 10-15 meters, it can move around and retreat automatically, and the operator only needs to grasp the direction.


Our snowplow is very versatile. It uses a high-performance 15HP gasoline engine for electric start. The snowplow width is 150cm, which greatly improves the snowplow efficiency. PN8160 can also increase the functions of seat, snow pusher, snow pusher and snow sweeper. It is very suitable for use in winter.

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