What should pay attention to when using power snow sweeper?

- Jul 03, 2020-

1) It is strictly prohibited to work in three gear and overload. The design load of this model is: The maximum snow removal thickness of the first gear of roller brush is 15 cm, the maximum snow removal thickness of the second gear is 8cm, three gears only can be used when pushing it from the warehouse to the workplace, it’s very important.

2) No violent operation, this model is a spur gear design, especially for first gear, it’s insertion structure, if the machine is stopped or pinch clutch, There will be a 50% chance can't get it into first gear, 30% chance can’t get into second and third gear, 50% chance that function rod can’t get into gear. The user needs to release the clutch a little, hold the gear lever gently by hand, when the clutch is loose to a certain extent, the gear will be easily put into position.We call this the half clutch gear.

3) It is strictly prohibited to half clutch during work. When the machine is working with load, the clutch handle must be fully released, half clutch will burn the clutch in 1 minute. (short time and half clutch are required when engaging gear, but not half clutch when working).

4) It is forbidden to directly switch forward and backward when walking, this will cause irreversible damage to the gear. To switch forward and backward, you need to hold the clutch and slowly pull the wrench.

power snow broom

5) Do not hold the clutch for a long time, if you want to stop, please flameout, the engine just stalled can be easily reignite,and don’t need closing the damper.

6) In order to reduce the impact on the clutch, it is recommended to release the clutch at low engine speed, and then increase the throttle when working. Get into the habit of ease up the gas pedal when you stop working, and also can reduce the waste of gasoline.

7) If the machine is not started, do not shift or pull the switch on the armrest, etc.. You can reverse the gear and pinch the clutch.

8) Try not to run out of gasoline, turn off the fuel switch at the carburetor after engine stop working.snow sweeping machine