Automatic Industrial Floor Sweeper

Floor sweeper road cleaning machine is widely used in municipal sanitation, parks, residential areas, commercial walking street, parking lots, tourist attractions and other public places.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of automatic industrial floor sweeper

The automatic industrial floor sweeper has automatic sprinkler-side brush cleaning-roller cleaning and vacuum cleaning as one function. This fully automatic sweeping machine is mainly used for road cleaning, park cleaning, road cleaning and large-area thick dust, stone, iron and various industrial wastes in the factory floor. 

ride on floor sweeper

Part II: Features of P2000 automatic industrial floor sweeper

1. All-steel welded body structure is solid and durable, and the cockpit is wide and comfortable.

2, Car-level anti-rust treatment process, the shell is made of metal material, durable.

4, Using a built-in powerful vacuum system, a powerful cleaning system and efficient vacuum system, the filter system makes the garbage swept away.

5, The gap automatic dust-collecting technology, the main brush edge brush integration, easy to operate.

6, Patented damping system, effectively protect parts while improving the comfort of operation.

7. The site is at least 100mm away from the ground to ensure the high passability of the whole vehicle on complex roads.

8, The driver has a good view, plus the use of simple and practical control panel, the vehicle operation is simple and convenient.floor sweeping machine

Part III: Our products 

With the development, we are committed to becoming the world's leading manufacturer and operator of comprehensive cleaning equipment. For example, this product sells well all over the country and is exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. With a global strategic vision, and with strong technical force and perfect market service system, it continuously expands domestic and international markets.




automatic industrial floor sweeper


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