How does a sweeper sweep the ground?

- Jan 22, 2020-

How does a sweeper sweep the ground?

Nowadays, driving sweepers are used in many fields because sweepers can save costs and bring a lot of convenience to cleaners, but some users do not understand how sweeping sweepers clean the ground. Why is it widely used? The following editor will take you to understand in detail:

Driving sweeper works:


1. A roller-type brush is installed in the middle bottom of the sweeping truck. The side brushes are mainly used to collect the garbage from the place where the main brush cannot be cleaned into the area where the main brush can be cleaned. After being rolled up, it is thrown into the trash bin;

2. In addition to the main brush, most driving sweepers are equipped with two or four side brushes. When the brake sweeper is working, the rubbish and sand on the roadside are penetrated and swirled to the main brush. 

3. When the main brush sweeps the garbage and dust into the garbage collection box, the suction system located above the main brush of the cleaning vehicle will generate a large suction force, and then the dust is filtered out by the filtering system. To prevent the exhaust gas from polluting the environment and harming the health of the sweeper operator.

The above is a summary of what the cleaning principle of the cleaning sweeper is about. What is the cleaning principle of the driving sweeper? If you are concerned about the products of the sweeper, or if you want to consult more about the cleanup treasure products , Please call Jielubao National Toll Free Hotline below, PIVOT——Tel: +86-371-58651986 your intimate purchasing consultant.