Gas Powered Snow Broom

Electric start as one of the main equipment of the snow plow winter snow, its power is strong, the suction of snow is big, and it can walk and retreat automatically, the operator only needs to master the direction.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Gas Powered Snow Broom

This type gas powered snow broom is use gear drive, and it has large power and strong cleaning power, no matter what kind of snow (floating snow, solid snow, ice), no need to use salt or snowmelt agent. If changed the cleaing head, it also can become snow blower or snow pusher, and also can add a seat according to the client's requirment.

After the machine works for a period time, some parts will wear repeatedly, then cause paint abrasion, and exposed steel plate, it need paint with grease to prevent rusting.   

Gas Powered Snow BroomPart II: Features of Gas Powered Snow Broom

1. Quickly change the direction of snow, the height of snow can be adjusted

2. Snow fast, powerful, easy to operate

3. New design and wide application

4. Small, easy to carry

5. Rubber scraper, cleaning more clean, no damage to the ground

Gas Powered Snow Broom

Part III: Please pay attention to when first time to use it.

1.Please check the engine oil and gasoline oil before start the engine, turn on the oil tank switch. Turn off the air door switch before starting the cool engine, and fully open the air door within 10 seconds after starting. It is not necessary to turn off the air door switch when the heat engine is started.

2.Before the snow sweeper is running, check whether the screws of each part are tight. After the snow sweeper stops running, turn off the oil tank switch and keep the body dry.

3.Change the engine oil after 20 hours of first time use and then change the engine oil every 200 hours.

Part IV: Packaging

Delivery time: Within 5-7 days after receiving clients' payment 

Packing: Wooden box or container 

snow sweeper


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