Factory how to choose cleaning equipment?

- Aug 31, 2020-

Factory how to choose cleaning equipment?

Nowadays, in order to improve the working environment and reduce the cost of manpower, many factories begin to choose to use modern cleaning equipment: hand propelled sweeper, driving sweeper, hand pushing washing machine, driving type washing machine, etc. However, due to the different types of industries, the selection of suitable cleaning equipment is also different. So how to choose a cost-effective and appropriate cleaning equipment for the factory?


The area division of the factory is very obvious. Different cleaning equipment is needed in different areas. The fully automatic floor washing machine can be used in workshops and canteens. At present, there are two kinds of walk behind floor cleaner and ride on floor scrubbers . The important area of these two kinds of floor washing machines lies in the function. The canteen is suitable for walk behind floor cleaner, which is very suitable for manual cleaning.


Before purchasing the floor scrubber, you need to confirm the size of the area to be cleaned. According to the floor size of the workshop,  rider scrubber machine can be selected for the larger workshop, and the .walk behind floor cleaner can be considered for the smaller workshop. In addition, we should also look at the ground material, according to the different materials of the ground washing machine, choose different parts of the site.

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