High Pressure Washing Car

Our steam car washer with simple electronic control, each client who learns about electricity can operate the machine easily. With industrial DC piston pump, stable performance, durability, copper head. With special antifreeze function, can be put outdoor in winter even it snows, the pipe is emptying to prevent the cracking tube, the steam gun and hose are not freeze.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of High Pressure Washing Car

Steamer is revolutionary new and environmentally friendly steam machine. Using the latest technology of steam generation, it can quickly and effectively sterilize, remove  dirt(including grease, stains and odors) and other contaminants from many variety of surfaces.
Stainless steel cover, weather & water proof, chemical and  impact resistant.
With easy adjustment of dry/wet team, quickly to get result after set.

Steam cleaner and carpet cleaning machine

Part II: Features of High Pressure Washing Car
1.  Quick start, high pressure, sufficient steam, low energy consumption, simple electrical control, dry and wet steam adjustable.

2. It can be connected with a 48V vacuum cleaner and steam vacuum nozzle to clean car interior decoration. One machine has multi-purpose, the effect is remarkable.

3. Battery driven, suitable for a small area or a small parking lot mobile car wash.

Steam cleaner3

Part III: Datas of P9A High Pressure Washing Car

Model: P9A

Gas consumption:   1kg/h

Pre-heating   time: 10s

Steam pressure:   12-16kg bar

Steam flow:   60kg/h

Material:   Stainless steel

Wax pressure:   10bar

Wax hose length:   12m

Heating pipe   length:50m

Steam water   tank: 40L

Volume:   1000*450*1000mm


Part IV: Usage of High Pressure Washing Car

1,Car wash shop,outdoor washing carport,restrant.

2,Car industry, car interior clean (dashboards, vents, armrests, carpets, furniture, air conditon) .

3, Remove dust, oil; disinfection and sanitizing.

4,Vehicle beauty salons, car washing stations, parking lots of supermarkets, factory, restaurant.

washing car

Part V: FAQ

1. MOQ?
1 set. More orders, more preferential price. Price is negotiable.

2. Voltage?
Customized. Like 110V/220V/380/415V, single phase/three phases.

3. Package?
Wooden case/ Container as requested.

4. Delivery Time?
Within 7 working days after receiveding full payment

5. Warranty?
12 months warranty. 24 hours online service.


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