Driving Type Snow Removal For Factory Price Sale

The snow road sweeper machine is widely used on schools, parking lots, squares, property areas, non-motor driveways, gardens, farms and other widely used winter snow essential machinery. And it can help you clean the dust,heavy mud,stone,sand,dirt snow,straw,leaves and general debris.

Product Details

Part I: Introduction of Snow Sweeper

The car has a variety of functions: by simply and quickly replacing the snow removal device in front of the car, you can sweep snow, push snow, lift snow, sweep water, clean up fallen leaves. The equipment design is advanced and reasonable, low noise, not restricted by the site, not afraid of deceleration belt, fast rotation speed. 

Part II: Application of Ride On Snow Sweeper

This kind of snow sweeper is suitable for troops, streets, squares, enterprises, properties, schools, parking lots, parks, non-motorized lanes and other places to remove snow.

driving snow sweeper

Part III:  Snow Sweeper Brush System Configuration

Rear Engine

Four stroke Zongshen 13HP engine (optional other engines)

Transmission Mode

Belt tension shaft transmission

Snow Sweeper Brush Size

Width 1300mm, Diameter 50mm

Max Rotation Speed


Steering Angle

25 degree , can be up and down

Part IV: Our Service

1.Supply item design,process design.

2.Help you to chose the fit machine.

3.Making the machine according to your requirement.

Sale Service

1.Acceptance equipment together with you.

2.Help you to make the method statement and the details of the process.

After Service

1.Guarantee for a year.

2.Quality problem,we will send you the accessories.

3.Free repair whole using life(Without  the freight and accessories charge).

                   My information is: WhatsApp/Wechat: +8615903873562       

Road sweeping machine


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