What Is Road Sweeper/Street Sweeper/Floor Sweeper?

- Nov 22, 2019-

Road Sweeper or called Street Sweeper or Floor Sweeper is a special vehicle open for road garbage cleaning. As one of the sanitation equipment, road sweeper is a new type of efficient cleaning equipment, which integrates road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation. 

It can be widely used in thousands of roads, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other road cleaning. The road sweeper can not only clean up garbage, but also dedusting and purify the air medium on the road, which not only ensures the beauty of the road, maintains the hygiene of the environment, maintains the good working condition of the road surface, reduces and prevents the occurrence of traffic accidents and further prolongs the service life of the road surface. 

Floor Sweeper

Vehicle Type Overview

Road sweeper is mainly used for ground cleaning, road tooth cleaning, road tooth cleaning and so on. It is suitable for cleaning and dust removal of squares, roads, residential district parking lots, wharf, airport, station, cement factory, power plant and other places. 

Classification of Road Sweeper

(1), manual and handheld 

(2), self-moving (

3), pure sweeping 

(4), suction 

(5), pure suction (multi-functional full suction) 

(6), dry 

(7), wet 

(8), full suction