Market Demand Analysis Of Cleaning Equipment Industry

- Nov 25, 2019-

Market demand analysis of cleaning equipment industry

1.Industry market demand analysis

At present, cleaning equipment is divided into civil, commercial and industrial cleaning three major fields, which are widely used in commercial applications At present, the cleaning equipment industry is in a growing period, and the industry itself

has three characteristics:

① the market capacity is large, and the society's demand for cleaning is increasing day by day

② the division of labor in the cleaning industry is detailed. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are specialized in producing several kinds of products and have clear targe markets.

③ the degree of self specialization of cleaning industry is constantly improving.



2. Industry status


As the per capita waste of urban population is far greater than that of rural population,with the advancement of urbanization, commercial facilities such as shopping malls and hotels, as well as public facilities such as libraries, museums and urban squares, are gradually increasing. On the one hand, with the increase of large-scale buildings, the areaof public places that need to be cleaned for property management will increase, thus increasing the demand for cleaning equipment.


In recent years, the labor cost continues to grow, which increases the labor cost in cleaning services, so that service providers need to use mechanical equipment and other ways to reduce service costs. The gradual use of cleaning equipment by cleaning service providers and property managers will increase market demand and be conducive to the development of the industry.


3. Government policy support

With the strong support of policies, China's environmental protection investment during the 12th Five Year Plan period reached 3.10 trillion yuan, an increase of 121% compared with the investment during the 11th Five Year Plan period, while during the whole 13th Five Year Plan period, the environmental protection investment was about 7.6 trillion yuan, about twice of the 12th Five Year Plan period. In the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, environmental protection is regarded as the core and important tool of ecological civilization construction, and the concept of

"beautiful China" is proposed. Therefore, as an important part of environmental protection industry, clean equipment will become a key area of policy support, so as to obtain development opportunities.


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