Test Of Gear Snow Sweeper

- Sep 08, 2020-

Test of gear snow sweeper

This year's new multi-function snow sweeper tests its ability to sweep snow in winter. The multi-functional snow sweeper has the advantages of quality, small size and easy operation, which are far beyond your imagination. The multifunctional snow sweeper is equipped with a handle that conforms to ergonomics and high impact resistance. High density polyethylene (HDPE) material is strong and durable, which can be used to clean snow quickly and conveniently. Equipped with a novel built-in lamp, it is easy to operate in the snow anytime and anywhere without a separate power supply.

If you're equipped with a top electric engine, just press the power button to start the engine.

High efficiency spiral drum system: special material and high-speed hinge system design, can quickly remove moderate snow and protect the ground.

snow cleaning machineThe snowstorm in winter brings some difficulties to the snow clearing work in northern China. The task of snow clearing is often time-consuming and heavy-duty, so it is hard to digest if we only rely on manual snow clearing. The appearance of snow sweeper solved this problem in time. The widely used driving snow sweeper has many advantages, which can be used in some places such as parks, streets, schools and so on.


The area of the park is often large, and the requirements for the snow cleaning time are relatively fast. For the garden management department, it is quite difficult to clear the snow in the park. With the snow sweeper, there is no need to worry about these. The snow sweeper is a mechanized equipment with high snow removal efficiency, and it can quickly complete the ground snow cleaning operation in a short time, and at the same time, it will not do the above in the process of snow cleaning Any damage caused by the original ground is a very protective way to clear snow.


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