P80 Sweeper Delivered To South Korea

- Jul 28, 2020-

P80 sweeper delivered to South Korea

Regarding cleaners, we have different types. Such as P80, P90, P1880, etc..., mainly used to clean factories, warehouses, underground parking lots, etc.

driving floor sweeper

The main features of P80 are as follows:

1.Electric Control System: Automobile grade waterproof harness, integrated fuse box, with overload and undervoltage protection, adopt European and American electric control, it’s 48V

2.Operating System: Centralized control panel, simple and convenient.

3.Anti-impact Gear: The side brush adopts built-in spring for anti-collision, which automatically expands and retracts in case of obstacles, it can effectively protect the motor.

4.Brake System: Adopt disc brake system to increase working efficiency.

After the Korean customer tested our machine, he ordered 10 sweepers. The following is the delivery picture, please check it. If you are interested, please contact us.

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