One Set P2400 Floor Sweeper Delivery To Europe

- Jul 14, 2020-

The ride on floor sweeper produced by our company is a combination of sweeping, suction and sprinkling. Its appearance is made of sheet metal, with high-efficiency roller or flat filter inside, and important accessories are imported with original packaging. 

The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, long continuous working time, high cleaning efficiency, low working noise, green and pollution-free.

One ser P2400 air conditioning version floor sweeper delivery to Europefloor sweeper

The equipment is suitable for municipal sanitation, community property, school park, factory warehouse and other areas requiring manual cleaning, cleaning dust, sand, stones, bricks, leaves, paper and other wastes, and can complete the ground cleaning work at one time.

floor sweeper

One set of equipment can replace 5-8 sanitation workers. In hot summer and fallen leaves season, it is a rare good helper for municipal and enterprise.

ride on sweeper machine