Common Sense Of Use Of Automatic Washing Machine

- Sep 15, 2019-

1. According to different production scales, different washing machines should be selected: general small-area processing enterprises, choose a single-brush economical automatic washing machine to meet the needs, but a factory of tens of thousands or tens of thousands of square meters, It is best to choose a larger model or a matching model; for super-large enterprises, it is best to choose a driving scrubber or a sweeping scrubber.

2. After the automatic washing machine is selected, it is determined whether to use a disc brush or a roller brush. The brush is divided into a soft nylon brush, a medium-sized wear-resistant polyethylene brush, and a super-hard abrasive brush; the roller brush is generally divided into a soft nylon brush, a polyethylene brush, a strong polyethylene brush, and a ground pig. The brush plate is generally versatile and easy to use. It is suitable for all kinds of hard floors. The roller brush can effectively clean the texture. A good brand generally has a dust collecting groove in the roller brush model, which is convenient for cleaning debris and small particles. Suitable for use on brick, tile and rough concrete floors.

3. The driving method of the washing machine is also selected according to different production environments. The small washing machine is mostly a battery or a power source. In the production workshop, although the power supply is not limited by time, the power cord is not convenient. Unsafe, due to the convenience of price and time of use, it has become the new favorite of some small enterprises. The sales staff of suppliers are relatively easy to succeed because of the relatively low price, and they are often promoted to these manufacturers regardless of suitability. The small washing machine, because of the relatively short battery life, often becomes the target of the dry-production enterprises; the medium-sized and above washing machines are mostly driven by batteries or fuel, and a small amount of liquefied gas is the driving mode. The vast majority. Except for environmental restrictions, fuel is a big advantage in terms of exhaust gas and noise pollution. The battery-driven method can be said to be the most environmentally friendly, but how to choose a power distribution bottle has become a supplier and manufacturer. A big problem, the standard battery is generally more economical, but the manufacturer wants to use a larger battery capacity and a longer configuration.

4. In the selection of the clean water tank and the sewage tank, it is generally determined according to the size of the machine, but a good brand, the general sewage tank is larger than the clean water tank.