Analysis Of The Present Situation Of The Garbage Classification (2)

- Nov 19, 2019-

Garbage classification is hard to be enforced.

As the front end of the garbage treatment, the garbage classification has long been recognized by the world, and the classification and collection not only can greatly reduce the pollution caused by the garbage to the environment, save the harmless treatment cost of the garbage. And more precious natural resources can be used repeatedly. It is conservatively estimated that the value of the recyclable waste discarded every year in our city is about 3 billion yuan.

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But China garbage classification work has been difficult to advance effectively. 

As early as 2000, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen have been identified as a national garbage collection pilot city. However, over a decade or so, the effect appears to be not obvious, and the relevant investigation shows that, about a quarter of the respondents said the effect of the garbage classification was not clear or completely ineffective.

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The reason is that, on the one hand, the public awareness of the public is to be improved, the classification of the garbage is a new habit, the new accomplishment, the public needs to adapt to the life in life, and the anti-review process can be transformed into a kind of quality and into a habit; on the other hand, In the process of promoting the classification of the garbage, the government needs to make further efforts to guide and help the public to develop the consciousness of garbage classification. At present, in spite of the introduction of relevant regulations or normative documents in many places, there are problems such as the lack of law, the absence of the main body of law enforcement and the non-regulation of the law enforcement procedure, leading to the insufficient enforcement of law enforcement.


Study overseas methods to handle garbage.

With regard to the topic of garbage classification, many people may think of Japan, and Japan has used more than 40 years of time to refine the classification of the garbage, and it is now possible to say that the classification of the garbage has been made to the "extreme". Japanundefineds garbage is divided into the categories of combustible, non-combustible and resource waste, among which, the resource waste is subdivided into paper, plastic, glass, metal and the like, and the domestic garbage in the household can be recycled in different days of the week. The specific regulations on the classification of waste in various parts of Japan are slightly different, but are basically divided into more than 10.


From the beginning of the kindergarten, Japanese schools will teach the child to identify the various symbols on the commodity package, understand which type of garbage and how to discard them, and ask the parents to urge the children to practice the garbage classification, and let the children develop good habits from childhood; in addition to the education and education, The legal norm is also an important part of the Act on the Disposal of Waste in Japan, which provides for the maximum penalty of up to five years of fixed-term imprisonment and a fine of 10 million yen (about RMB600,000). In many parts of the country, the streets are also posters, warning of what penalties may be imposed on the wrongdoers and requiring citizens to report immediately to the relevant authorities if they have found the litter. (to be continued)

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