Manual Road Sweeper

1. This type manual road sweeper is suitable for factory, workshop, open field, community road and other places.
2. It has low dust and noise when cleaning. Its structure is light, easy to carry out and easy to maintain. It is mainly used for cleaning the ground.
3. It can easily remove the dust, leaves, stones, debris, paper scraps and other garbage on the ground, and clean indoor and outdoor places such as municipal sanitation, property management company, campus square, station, airport, warehouse, etc.

Product Details

Part I: Introduce of Manual Road Sweeper

The manual road sweeper is a product developed by people to be lazy in recent years. With the increasing demand for floor sweeper, there are various types of road sweepers on the market, which are suitable for streets, schools, workshops, warehouses and other public places that are not suitable for power driven cleaning.

This type manual road sweeper is No Electric, no Gas, No Battery, only push the handle, the paper, ash, cigarette, leaves, stone will be cleaned into the collect box designed in the sweeper.

manual sweeper

Part II: Application and Feature of Manual Road Sweeper

This type of manual road sweeper is mainly used for large factories, workshops, industrial plants, residential properties, hotels, schools, parking lots, hospitals, etc.. And it can clean sawdust, metal filings, leaves, stones, cigarette butts, papers, cans, cups, broken glass, large debris, sand and dirt.

manual sweeper machine

Part III: Feature of Manual Road Sweeper

1. Comfortable to operate

Humanized design, comfortable operation

2. Large capacity battery

The battery has large capacity and long working time

3. Durable machinery and equipment

Strong tire outer ring and adjustable disc brush roller system make the equipment more durable

4. The operation is simple

Simple operating system, so that users easy to operate, lightweight structure, easy to implement

Part IV: Package & Delivery


1 . Offer your design documents or let our designer team wouk out some concepts for choosing.

2 . We will always provide you with a virtual pre-production proof that shows the exact placement of your logo on the product.


Carton or wooden carton, also may according to your demands .


For goods with a lighter total weight, we usually ship them by express, such as EMS, DHL, to ensure that you receive the goods more quickly and easily when importing.

Suitable for heavy goods, usually by sea or by air or by rail.

Payment term

T/T,L/C,or 30% payment in advanced. 

manual sweeper


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