Manual Floor Sweeper

1) Our manual floor sweeper is use rubber roller, it has great friction, not easy to slip.
2) It with rolling brush adjuster, can adjustment the pressure between brush and ground.
3) The brush has high density, and wear resistant.
4) Labor saving, high efficiency,3000 square meters/hour, with 750mm width.
5) Eco-friendly.

Product Details

Part I: Introduce of Manual Floor Sweeper

No power, no gas, no battery, only need push the handle, and then the paper, cigarette, leaves, small stone, dust will be cleaned into the collect box designed in the sweeper.

manual sweeper

Part II: Application and Feature of Manual Floor Sweeper

This type of manual sweeper is mainly used for large factories, workshops, industrial plants, residential properties, hotels, schools, parking lots, hospitals, etc.. And it has the following advantages

1.High class engineering plastic, durable, corrosion-free and impact resistance

2.Strong nylon brushes, durable

3.No power needed, environmental protection

4.Large hopper, 50L

5.No belt and other damage liable components , save maintainances cost.

6.Multi-angle and multi-height adjustment, simple and comfortable oeration.

manual sweeper machine

Part III: Packaging & Delivery


Carton or wooden carton, also may according to your demands .


For goods with a lighter total weight, we usually ship them by express, such as EMS, DHL, to ensure that you receive the goods more quickly and easily when importing. If you need many pcs, we can ship them by air or by sea.

manual sweeper

Part IV: RFQ

Q: What's your MOQ? Can you accept small order?

A: Normally, our MOQ is 10pcs, but we can provide EXW price for less than 10pcs as sample order.

Q: Could it clean the heavy dust on the cement floor?

A: Yes, it can clean the heavy dust, leaf, cigarette, scraps of paper on different grounds.

Q: Can you print our brand or other colors?

A: Yes, OEM & ODM can be accepted. We can print your brand based on your letter of authorization.

Q: Do you have Demo Video for it

A: Certainly, we have made video of every machine and uploaded them by our chain address.


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