Electric Manual Floor Sweeper

1.The Electric Manual Floor Sweeper is the upgrading product of the traditional hand sweeping sweeper.
2.The machine has the function of spray and dust removal, and takes into account the function of lump and dust. The electric drive device is also arranged in the front and rear parts of the sweeper.
3.The cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality of the sweeper are greatly improved.

Product Details

Advantage of Electric Manual Floor Sweeper

1. One machine can replace 10 people, saving effort and effort.

2. Front and rear brush drive, high cleaning efficiency, save time.

3. This type electric manual floor sweeper with automatic spray dust suppression to eliminate dust and meet higher cleaning needs.

4. Multiple line protection for safe operation in different environments.

5. Real-time display of remaining power to remind you to charge in time.

6. This product can be pushed and operated by hand, convenient and quick.

7. Widely used for a variety of grounds.

Dust Suppression Electric Manual Floor Sweeper

What should be paid attention to when using Electric Manual Floor Sweeper?

The powerless manual sweeper is gradually purchased and used by more and more factories and urban cleaning departments. The main reason is that it does not use oil or electricity when cleaning. It is very green and environmentally friendly, and its efficiency is 6-8 times faster than the traditional cleaning mode. Although the manual sweeper is very easy to use, but there are something need we noted when using it:

1. In the process of use, it should be noted that the manual sweeper should not be operated in the area with large slope and gradient, which will cause damage to the chassis of the sweeper and injuries to the operators.

2. In the process of use, the speed of the sweeper should not be pushed too fast, so as to avoid the deformation of the brush head and the increase of the friction force on the ground, and the damage to the ground and accessories, so as to reduce the service life of the sweeper.

3. In the process of use, we should pay attention to the timely cleaning of the garbage can, avoid the full load of the garbage can affect the cleaning effect of the sweeper, but also work according to the load-bearing range of the sweeper, and do not overload the work, which will cause damage to other parts.

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Electric Manual Floor Sweeper

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