Working principle of Snow Cleaning Machine

- Jul 24, 2020-

The biggest advantage of Snow Cleaning Machine is that, no matter what kind of snow (floating snow, solid snow, ice), no need to use salt or snowmelt agent, can adapt to different snow sweeper structure map snow sweeper structure map road condition, no matter what form of ice and snow can use different mechanisms to work, and one-time see black pavement effect, do not damage the marking line, do not damage the road surface, snow removal efficiency of more than 95%. 

Snow Cleaning Machine

High density, high elastic steel wire roller brush, good deicing effect, and can remove thin ice and thin compaction snow on the road, and snow removal speed is fast; can also use asymmetric high-efficiency snow shovel; in addition to breaking ice and snow rolling roller wheel, we have added rolling impact roller wheel, this roller wheel in the removal of thin ice will play a quite satisfactory effect, and do not damage the road surface. In the operation can be used with the rolling roller wheel, can achieve the role of one-time deicing. When the auxiliary ice-breaking dragon is used, the large pieces of ice and snow rolled off the roller wheel can be broken to the roadside.